Examination Monitoring Committee


  • To officiate as the examination squad to keep a vigil on all end of semester Examination
  • To appraise and report to the principal on malpractice reported by the invigilator
  • To receive any complaints from the students regarding issues take out of Syllabus, Questions etc.. and to make preliminary investigation
  • To receive complaints from students regarding internal examination and make enquiry as such incidents.

End Semester (External) Examination

The State Board of Technical Education is to conduct all the Technical Examinations for the State and to award Certificates to the successful candidates. The State Board of Technical Education is empowered to frame the guidelines & directions for various examinations in accordance with the state-of-the-art of the technology by keeping the integrity of the Examinations. Visit www.tekerala.org


  1. The examinations for a programme shall be conducted in accordance with the curriculum prescribed for the programme. All candidates who have done semester registration shall register for examinations by remitting the prescribed fee whenever the Controller of Technical examinations notifies.
  2. No candidate shall be permitted to appear for end of semester examinations unless (a) He/ she is certified by the principal to the effect that he/she has attended 75% of the actual instructional hours for all the courses put together in the particular semester.
  3. He/ she has completed all the prescribed laboratory, practical, workshop practical or any other kind of practical including drawing, field work, project work etc. as prescribed in the curriculum and so certified by the Head of Department of the concerned programme. Such certification shall be on the basis of the recommendations of the faculty handling the course.
  4. Students are eligible for condonation as per Govt. order in force
  5. Students who do not satisfy clauses II above shall have to register for the same semester as and when it is offered in the institution afresh and shall have to fulfil such conditions prescribed by the State Board of Technical Education
  6. A student shall have to remit the fees prescribed by the Government from time to time for registration/ re-registration for the course along with application in the prescribed form.
  7. A student shall not be allowed to re-register for a course or reappear for an examination for which he/she has gained the prescribed credits.


Every semester we conduct three series test for internal evaluation of a subject.


Mrs. Binitha K S, Lecturer Computer Engineering Staff in Charge