The main objective of the club is to encourage the college students to appreciate environment, provide environmental education opportunities and involve them in addressing environmental issues of the locality, conduit the enormous manpower available for the awareness of the society and make students practice and advocate sustainable lifestyles.



  • Bhoomithra sena & NSS together conducted the seminar and distribution ofmedicinal plants
  • Culturingof organic vegetables started
  • Seminar based on “ Navakeralam Manninum Manushyanum ”
  • Planted medicinal plants
  • Butterfly garden were made


  • World Ozone day celebration with poster making competition
  • Garden for organic vegetables in the campus
  • Paper bag making training programme
  • Bhoomithra sena & NCC together plants tree saplings for the memories of soldiers in pulvama terrorist attacks
  • Thummboormuzhi model bio-waste compost plant was started by Booithra sena & NSS.


  • Ozone day celebration with seminar, training program, poster making competition and quiz competition
  • One day training at St. saviors, Aluva.
  • Visit at KFRI peechi
  • Organized nature camp at the Chimmney Wildlife Sanctuary.


  • “Harvesting” day of the College was celebrated
  • Conducted a program namely “Keraleeyam” for giving an awareness of Herbal Medicinal Plants
  • Conducted a seminar on “Food habits and health of girls
  • A program on Waste is Wealth’ in connection with International Youth day
  • Conducted a seminar on women Empowerment’


  • In Collaboration with NSS celebrated World Environment Day
  • Organized a talk on effects of chemical fertilizers and cultivating vegetable gardens at home&“Protective the environment and organic farming”.
  • Arranged a session on“ vegetable cultivation” and “Organic Farming”.
  • A sanitary survey was conducted in the ward
  • Organized nature camp at the Chimmney Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Conducted a session on “knowledge of forest life.
  • Conducted a session on “water harvesting”