Electronics Engineering

Our Vision

To be a department offering value based technician training in Electronics Engineering, in tune with the current industrial, societal and environmental needs

Our Mission

Electronics Engineering department plans to achieve their vision by
  • Having state of the art infrastructure in class rooms and laboratories
  • Imparting technical knowledge and skills in electronics as per current industrial trends through innovative teachning learning methods
  • Moulding electronics engineering technicians with values and commitment to society and environment
  • Empowering women with leadership qualities and ethics

Electronics Engineering

The Electronics Engineering Department is dedicated to delivering competent electronics engineers to the arena of the real world.This branch provide state of the art Electronics education with skill oriented training to the youth of the region to meet the present and future industrial requirements. This branch deals with study of electronics components, and design of electronics circuits, various electronics equipments and its repairing, embedded system development and basics of both analog and digital electronic communications.Students utilize the modern lab equipments to carry out design and testing of various advanced projects.