Regular Activities

  • Orientation to NSS volunteers
  • Campus work
  • Activities in the rural/urban community
  • Institutional work in collaboration with voluntary organisations
  • Intervention during natural calamities and national emergencies
  • Observance of important days

Special Camping Programme

  • Seven days special camp in adopted villages or urban slums based on specific themes/li>
  • Creation of social assets (Road, house, play groung, Library etc)
  • Community surveys/minor studies
  • House visits
  • Cultural exchange
  • Awareness programmes
  • Special projects


A S Chandrakanta ,Principal President
Smt. Greeshma Ajayaghosh, Division Councillor
Smt. Thanka T K , President, Alumni Association
Smt. Yamini K P, HOD Computer(in charge)
Shri. Krishnamohan K, Senior Superintendent
Kumari Krishnalekha, College Union Chairperson
Smt. Sherly Jacob, Vice President, PTA
Shri. Soman C R , HOD Electronics
Shri. Sunilkumar. S, HOD in Charge CP
Shri. N Ramachandran, CD Consultant, CDTP
Shri. Jayachandran T, Trade Instructors (Ex PO)
Smt. Shylaja T M, Programme Officer
Shri. Jinesh P S Associate Programme Officer
Kumari Ansa Mariya, Volunteer Secretary
Kumari Sreeya Ajayan, Volunteer Secretary