• 3 High-tech classrooms with single seated chairs and tables to boost the confidence of students
  • Free high speed Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Well-furnished and air conditioned Seminar hall that can accommodate 85 people
  • Reprographic center providing facilities like photocopying, scanning and printing for the students and staff
  • Round-the-clock surveillance through CCTV network to ensure safety without breaching privacy
  • One to one mentoring that help students to maximize their potential, develop their skills and improve their overall performance.
  • Open auditorium for Yoga
  • Roof garden class room to provide environment friendly teaching-learning atmosphere
  • Primary musical therapy center using PA (Public address) system developed by students
  • Technical heritage museum (under progress)
  • 5 well equipped laboratories


  • Digital electronics Lab
  • Analog electronics Lab
  • Embedded systems Lab
  • Electronics workshop
  • Computer lab

Digital electronics

This lab is used to conduct the experiments related to digital circuits and digital computer principles, which ranges from the study of various logic gates to the design of various sequential and combinational circuits. This lab is equipped with Digital IC tester, Digital IC trainer kits, multiple power supplies etc. Students from Electronics and Computer Engineering departments use this lab for performing various digital experiments.

Analog electronics

This lab is equipped with analog CROs, DSOs, Function Generators, Dual regulated variable power supplies, Single supply, digital desktop meter, Panel meter, Voltmeters, Ammeters, Multimeter, Rheostat and components including transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors etc.Students use this lab for performing analog circuit experiments.

Embedded systems

Embedded systems lab helps the students to enhance their knowledge on architecture, programming and interfacing of various processors and microcontrollers. This lab is equipped with microcontroller trainer kit,analog CROs, DSOs, Function Generators, Dual regulated variable power supplies, digital desktop meter, Panel meter.

Electronics workshop

This lab is equipped with PCs,PCB etching machine,PCB drilling machine,PCB curing machine,Soldering station, 12 V DC drilling machinefor the development of Printed circuit boards.